ABOUT - english version

Giulia Boccafogli was born in Bologna in February 1980, where she actually lives and works. She studied architetcture in Florence and she graduated in april  2006 with a final work in Tecnology and Design. Since then she regulary practice the profession, dealing with building and interior design.

In the mean time, Giulia Boccafogli has been conducting for more 'than 10 years her passion for female ornamentation and its design.
She started as an hobby when she was 19 years old but, slowly, also because of her course of study and all the good signs from people, she begun to transform her passion in a real job. 
Her interests are into alternative materials and tecniques and she always believes in the importance of handmde quality, a fundamental aspect of her creative process.

Since 2006, this creative process is reflected further through participation in exhibitions and fairs, numerous publications in journals and web portals and industry collaborations with private and boutiques scattered throughout Italy.

Giulia develops, designs and produces
personally her collections: unique pieces with an exclusive design. The result are individual pieces or small collections deliberately evocative.
Currently the research work of Giulia Boccafogli is oriented to enrich and deepen the lines already established and to open new projects as the alternative use of leather in its new line Leaves.

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